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This portable sink is easy to maneuver and operate. ... * Please call us with any questions about our hand washing station portable rentals in Seattle WA, including ...

Portable Hand Washing Station

2020-04-17 · Our portable sink rentals come equipped with fresh water, soap and paper towels to provide a positive hand washing experience. Our hand sanitizers inside portable toilets or hand sanitizers stands outside of our porta potty rentals provide a nice alternative to traditional soap and water, but with many of the same benefits.

Safety Products | Eye Wash Stations

They will keep your business compliant with OSHA Regulations and ANSI Standards. We have sold eye wash stations and safety showers to every industry and have the expertise to advise and recommend the best solution for your requirements. So no matter what industry you are in, be sure to give us a call at (866) 864-3495 if you have any questions!

How to Build a Portable Hand Washing Station : 33 Steps (with

How to Build a Portable Hand Washing Station: This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to construct a portable handwashing station using recycled materials and commonly-available hardware. Cost of materials is less than (US); time to construct is approximately four hours, using ordinary h...

Porta Potty Rental | Portable Toilet | Holding Tank

Got To Go Solutions provides portable sanitation solutions like portable toilet & porta potty rentals, holding tanks, bulk water delivery, and more. ... Hand Washing ...

CleanTech ® Automatic Handwashing Stations

CleanTech® is designed to provide a total wash and rinse in 12 seconds, every time. Remove the variability of human behavior by standardizing the process with CleanTech®. Removes more than 99.9% of dangerous pathogens. Our fully automated systems improve employee hygiene compliance while still exceeding CDC & FDA hand hygiene requirements ...

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Flexible service schedules for all portable toilet rentals - daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Our portable toilets are always clean and we use up-to-date porta potty rental units. 4 Station Restroom Trailer Rental Our all new 4 Station Restroom Trailer is great for weddings, sporting events, disaster relief, parties or corporate gatherings.

Mobile sinks and portable basins for hand washing

Hand washing where it’s needed. TEAL produces a comprehensive range of portable sinks for every type of hand washing requirement. Vehicle mounted, wall mounted, mains powered and free standing hand wash stations. New! The TEAL outdoor pursuits and glamping range of mobile sinks.


Portable hand-washing sinks are an appreciated amenity for your guests, reassure parents about proper sanitation for events with children, conform to laws in some states that require sinks to be placed adjacent to restrooms, and provide sanitary hand-washing for food preparation area. We offer hot/cold stainless steel sinks.

POLYJOHN Linear Low Density Polyethylene Portable Wash Station

Due to high demand for POLYJOHN Linear Low Density Polyethylene Portable Wash Station, Floor Mounting Type, Dark Granite, we are unable to fulfill any orders for this product at this time.

Portable Hand Wash Sinks and Hand Sanitizers for Sale

Portable hand wash sinks, portable hand wash station and portable hand sanitizers for sale, are made in U.S.A. and carry a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Sold by All Safety Products, Inc., a small business certified, veteran-owned business.

Hand Washing Station – NowClean

Washing hand before & after meal – It can help you to prevent a infectious diseases 90% by washing hand – NoWClean has been shown to be highly effective in disinfecting bacteria such as E.coli, S.aureus, V.parahaemolyticus and S.typhi just by washing hand

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Hand Washing Units. Portable Toilet Rental’s Hand Wash Station has many great features you’ll love. To maintain its attractiveness the blue areas have a fleck pattern to hide scuffs and scratches. It also has extended bumpers on the side and top to buffer it while traveling.

Battery Wash Equipment

Options include labor-saving auto-wash cabinets, portable wash stations, and battery beds configured for side- or vertical-extraction fleets. To choose the ideal Battery Wash Equipment for your battery room, contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500. Battery Wash Equipment

Raleigh, NC Portable Hand-Washing Station Rental

Portable hand-washing stations come in handy for all kinds of events. They’re a must-have if there’s food involved. Anywhere you’re using portable bathrooms, it’s probably worth it to also have a hand-washing station. When holding an outdoor event it’s often hard to find a place to wash your hands.

Hand Sinks and Hand Wash Stations - Grainger, Canada

Shop Grainger Canada for quality Hand Sinks and Hand Wash Stations products. Grainger Canada has been Canada's premiere industrial supplier for over 125 years.

Portable Hand Washing and Sanitation Stations

Hand washing is about providing safe, usable water and Satellite is leading the way with new products and systems that give you the edge in a competitive market. Free Standing Handwash Station Easy to transport, these standalone sanitation stations are ideal for special events and high volume applications.

Handwashing Station: Enabling Hand Hygiene for Everyone

Handwashing Station: Enabling Hand Hygiene for Everyone Following a user-centered design approach, PATH developed a portable hand-wash station. This fact sheet details the technology solution specifications and current status of the project.

ANSI Z.3581-2014 Eyewash Guide | ANSI Eyewash Standard Guide

Learn all about the ANSI Z.3581-2014 Eyewash Standard with our easy to read ANSI Eyewash Standard Guide. Call our experts for further support, product selection, and to schedule a FREE onsite assessment of your facility.

Mobile Hand washing solutions that are right up your street

The sinks don’t need any plumbing and are a proven solution for meeting the exacting requirements of Environmental Health Officers. Hand washing solutions that are right up your street The Streetwash range of portable hand wash sinks: Fully portable

Portable Hand Wash Basins

Portable Hand Wash Basins Portable basins are great add-ons to increase your business income. People need a way to clean their hands after using the toilet, and portable hand wash basinss are a convenient solution. PolyJohn’s line of portable hand wash basinss includes standalone portable hand wash basinss that sit outside of mobile toilets and in-toilet

Making hand washing solution from 5% liquid bleach and HTH

Making hand washing solution from 5% liquid bleach Do NOT drink chlorine water. Do NOT put chlorine water in mouth or eyes. Mix 14 tablespoons of 5% bleach into 20 liters of water every day. Stir well. Label bucket MILD 0.05%. Use the MILD chlorine water to wash hands. Use the MILD chlorine water to wash hands. Make new MILD chlorine water ...

Sanitation Equipment | Portable Hand Sinks

Click here to view Belson Outdoors® offering of easily transportable sanitation equipment and products including portable hand sinks, portable hand washing stations, and Sani-Pottie portable chemical toilets.

Solution | Portable Hand Washing Station

A portable hand washing station is an accessible alternative for running water on a construction site. Description: Simple hand washing can prevent infection, and damage to the skin from materials like wet cement which causes serious skin burns and allergic reactions in some workers.

Center for Medicaid and State Operations/Survey and

one sink, it should be designated for hand washing or a designated hand washing sink must be immediately available for use adjacent to the isolation room. Although hand sanitizer can be used prior to leaving the isolation room when hands are not visibly soiled, staff should have ready access to sinks when hand washing is appropriate.

Portable Sink Rental

Portable sink rentals provide an important solution for healthy hygiene. A hand washing station rental is ideal for outdoor events such as weddings and job sites.

Beverage Dispenser Hand Washing Stations

Portable hand washing stations are available in neutral colors like black and brown, making it simple to choose the one that matches the decor or color scheme of your event or establishment. These products also come equipped with soap dispensers that gives your staff members an effortless way to stay clean while cooking your delicious meals ...

Portable Sinks & Portable Hand Wash Stations

Welcome to – the #1 source for the best selection of portable hand sinks, hand wash stations, mobile sinks, and more. Meet licensing and health requirements for hand washing with’s high quality portable hand wash sinks.

SoftWash Systems - Roof & Exterior Cleaning Solutions

We Put The Systems In The Soft Washing Businesses! SoftWash Systems offers the new standard in environmentally responsible exterior cleaning solutions.

Portable Restroom Hand-washing Stand Accessory for Rent

Ensure your crew and site are sanitary from the start. This stand sits among your porta potties and offers a quick wash for your crew. This stand has a convenient water tank inside and foot pedals to ensure no water is wasted. This hand-washing stand also meets OSHA requirements for a hand-washing station at construction sites.

Portable HandWashing Stations | Portable Restroom Solutions

The Super Mate – Portable Handwashing Stations. When handicapped hand washing is a must, the Super Mate is the answer! Attached to the Portable Restroom, the Super Mate is the ideal solution to ADA-compliant hand washing needs.

Portable Hand Sinks

We offer portable hand wash stations in cold water, hot water, or both hot and cold water styles, allowing you to choose exactly the product you want. Several of these sinks are also NSF Listed, which makes cleaning them a cinch. A few of these mobile sinks are even ADA Compliant, so disabled customers and employees will have no trouble using them.

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