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1. Machinery construction for all type lightweight concrete 2. Additive Manifacturing for lightweight concrete 3. Advising and supporting 7/24 for current clients We are Turkey based company and delivery all over the world For more info please visit our website


CONCRETE PRODUCTS FOR TBM BELT REPAIR SikaBond® R&B-100 This 2-component, high-performance elastomeric, synthetic resin based system is specially designed for the repair of tex-tile and steel reinforced rubber conveyor belts. The material is primarily used to fix the commonly occurring, non-structural

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2019/09/05 · Luca Industries International delivers foamed concrete technology, foaming agent, foam generator, foam concrete, cellular lightweight concrete, insulating boards, LithoFoam, LithoPore, LithoPore PRO Foam concrete, also called foamed concrete, cellular concrete, cellular lightweight concrete, or aerated lightweight concrete, is a …

Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear

Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) decontamination is the removal of CBRN material from equipment or humans. The objective of the decontamination is to reduce radiation burden, salvage equipment, and materials, remove loose CBRN contaminants, ...

Release Agents

Mann Ease Release 2910 (special blend) - Special for clear resin casting. Ease Release 2910 is a superior release agent for casting complex designs using polyurethane elastomers. The ER 2910 is a heavy-duty silicone based polymer in a solvent carrier that gives a high gloss surface finish on molded parts.

Foaming Agents

Commercial protein based foaming agents produced slightly better quality foam then the detergents in our tests. Drexel Foam Concentrate works very well diluted 160/1 - 4 oz / 5 gallons water, but it is toxic so we no longer use it. Here's a list of commercial foaming agents from around the world for making foamed concrete (AirCrete).

32 oz. Water Based Industrial Concrete

KLEEN KOTE 111 is a long-lasting, biodegradable form release agent and equipment protectant formulated with corrosion-inhibiting properties. KLEEN KOTE creates a virtually non-stick coating on the surface of tools, machinery, vehicles and concrete form work when applied.


RELEASE AGENT #10 (RA #10) reacts chemically with the alkalies in concrete to form a soapy ilm which allows trapped air and excess water to escape during vibration, minimizing surface voids and providing a smooth, uniform concrete inish. When used on steel, they react with the iron present on the

FOAM-iT!™ Series, Castable Rigid Urethane Foam

FOAM-iT! Series Castable Rigid Urethane Foam FOAM-iT! expanding foams are easy to use and cure rigid and strong.They can be used as a lightweight casting material, backfill material for encapsulation or to make hollow castings. ...

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Data Sheets for Lambert Corporation Products. Crystal Clear ® Seal Gray. Crystal Clear® Seal Gray is a solvent-based UV-stable pigmented natural concrete gray curing and sealing compound formulated using styrene-acrylate resin, and is used for increasing uniformity, dustproofing, reducing efflorescence, enhancing color, and curing and sealing of all types of cementitious based substrates.

Foam concrete

The development of synthetic-enzyme based foaming agents, foam stability enhancing admixtures and specialised foam generating, mixing and pumping equipment has improved the stability of the foam and hence foam concrete, making it possible to manufacture as light as 75 kg/m³ density, a density that is just 7.5% of water.

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need to have the list of the foaming agents that can be used for the preparation off the foam concrete by simply mechanically stirring at a high speed to obtain the foam. Relevant answer Daniel Wells

Performance of dioctyl terephthalate concrete

Electrical resistivity is an important characteristic of concrete because it allows evaluation of the accessibility of aggressive agents prior to the beginning of the corrosive process and ...

Foam Injection Molding | Molten Resin

Structural Foam Molding is a low-pressure foam injection molding process where molten resin is injected with nitrogen gas or a chemical blowing agent. The resin is then shot into the cavity, without overfilling or packing it out. The blowing agent or gas then expands to push the molten resin to the extremities of the cavities.

Polyurethane rigid foam composites incorporated with fatty

Polyurethane rigid foam composites incorporated with fatty acid ester-based phase change material ... units as outdoor thermal energy storage agents for construction of energy efficient buildings ...

(PDF) Properties and applications of foamed concrete; a review

Properties and applications of foamed concrete; a review ... detergents, glue resins, hydrolyzed protein, resin soap, and saponin, [19,27,28]. The most common foam agents are synthetic and protein ...

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Genfil Herbal Resin Based Foaming agent - Foam concrete. GENFIL® (foam agent) improved high-yield herbal resin based foam agent in the construction industry for the manufacture of concrete and lightweight construction Diluted GENFIL® (foam agent) with water that applying in foam machine for getting foam.

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Jul 6, 2016 - Explore felicianowright's board "mold n pour", followed by 299 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mold making, Clay crafts and Clay.

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Genfil ® Foam Agent HERBAL RESIN BASED FOAM AGENT GENFIL® (foam agent) improved high-yield herbal resin based foam agent in the construction industry for the manufacture of concrete and lightweight construction Diluted GENFIL® (foam agent) with water that applying in foam machine for getting foam. ...

Silpak, Inc. - Polyurethane & silicone mold materials and

Silpak is a leading industrial manufacturer and supplier of liquid plastic polymer systems used in a variety of mold making and casting applications. Polyurethane rubbers, silicone rubbers, polyurethane foams and resins, epoxies ...

Alchemical Creations – d20PFSRD

The foam does not interfere with movement, but reacts strongly to sudden force. A creature that falls onto a sheet of impact foam ignores the first 1d6 points of falling damage and converts the second 1d6 points of falling damage into nonlethal damage. A sheet of impact foam dissolves after 10 minutes or when exposed to at least a gallon of water.

Leak Seal: Polyurethane Crack Injection

How Concrete Crack Injection Works for Leak Seal. Leaking concrete structures can be permanently repaired with concrete crack injection & curtain wall procedures using water-activated polyurethane foam. Pressure injection of these liquid polyurethane resins forces the material into leaking cracks or behind leaking walls depending on the ...

Bondall BondCrete

BondCrete Universal Bonding Agent. Australian made since 1951, this versatile Bonding & Sealing agent has developed and improved for your building and renovating needs. The result is one of the strongest high solids bonding agents on the market. Our exclusive resin additive ensures maximum bonding every time.

The Relative Performance Study of Foam Concrete Straw-Based

The experiment is to extract lignin from straw as the basic material, then to develop cheap resin. By mechanical foaming, we are to research lignin-based epoxy compounds with commercial foaming agent or sodium lauryl sulfate and the foam stabilizing effect under the experimental condition that adding or not coagulant.

PolyLevel™ Technical Details - Concrete Leveling & Lifting

Part A is a petroleum-based isocyanate. Part B contains polyol resin, a surfactant, a blowing agent and a catalyst that causes the two liquid compounds to turn into expanding foam when they are mixed at the application nozzle.

What are the foaming agents used in foamed concrete?

Article Effect of activated foaming agent on the foam concrete properties 7th Jul, 2018 Messaoud Saïdani ... (herbal resin-based) 2 Recommendations 7th Jul, 2018 Sameh Yehia Suez University ...

Help I am stuck !! Decorative Concrete Mold Release Agents

Jul 25, 2009 · Ok, I am not really stuck, but I thought I would pass on some information on release agents for your decorative concrete latex and fiberglass molds. I have been in the concrete business for quite a few years and I have made latex molds and pour concrete ornaments using latex molds. Latex does not like petroleum based products…

Soy Plant Foam Insulation-Environmentally Friendly Foam

Both kinds of foam are applied as a liquid that contains a polymer (like polyurethane) and a foaming agent—it then expands to fill spaces, including small nooks and hard to reach places. Environmentally Friendly Foam - Soy Foam Insulation Environmentally friendly foam - Growing s oy for plant foam insulation

PAPER OPEN ACCESS Investigations on the foam concrete

The synergy of the foam concrete and 3D-printing process pre-requisites research and optimization of foam concrete pro-duction. This paper presents investigations on the appropriateness of two different methods for production of foam concrete: 1) mixed foaming method in turbulence (colloidal) mixer and 2)

DE NEEF® Sealfoam PURe

DE NEEF® Sealfoam PURe is a single component, low viscosity, hydrophilic MDI based polyurethane resin. DE NEEF® Sealfoam PURe is TDI and solvent free. Upon curing, it forms a flexible closed cell foam with excellent tensile and adhesion properties, that has good general chemical resistance. Product Advantages. Free foam expansion up to 5 times

Epoxy Foam | Foaming Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Foam. A foaming epoxy resin that is one of the only products on the market which has the following characteristics: Produces a closed cell epoxy foam from a two part epoxy system

A Guide to Unique Concrete Casting Surfaces

Aug 12, 2014 · This is by no means intended to be a comprehensive guide to the finer details of all potential concrete casting surfaces. Instead, this article is intended to help you begin asking the right questions, as well as give you a basic understanding of some of the options.

Concrete Release Agent | ReleaSys™ CR | High-Performance Mold

With fewer damaged blocks, there is less concrete wasted, leading to less concrete to dispose of, providing real savings. Advantages of ReleaSys CR – Concrete Release Agent. Easy-to-use, fast evaporating, solvent based formulation; Proven performance in the release of concrete from rubber molds

The difference between Polyiso, EPS & XPS Foam Insulation

Jun 10, 2015 · An Alternative to Foam: Mineral wool / Rock wool rigid insulation panels: The only rigid board insulation that is not a petroleum-based foam product shown in the main photo above is the brown one, which is mineral wool. It is a recycled product made with the stone dust from industrial blast furnaces.

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